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1. The meaning of TOEFL is a standardized international tests in English, but is best known and most widely accepted in most universities. Many universities require a score of between 500-600.

2. Types are divided into groups TOEFL tests into three sections:
1. TOEFL test using paper and pen PBT
3. TOEFL test using the Internet iBT.

3. Is a condition of admission to most U.S. and Canadian universities to all students whose native language is not English. Also, the universities in other countries such as Britain, Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia and others required to obtain a certain degree in the TOEFL

4. There are three sections of the TOEFL test, and they include: listening, construction, structures, and reading with understanding. And ask the student to pass the writing test in English and are as follows:

Listening with understanding:
Time: 30-40 minutes.
Form of test: 50 questions based on recorded conversations.
Multi test: understanding English when listening to it.
This section measures the student's ability to understand English as spoken in North America. Will listen to recorded conversations, answer questions measure the extent of your ability to understand what I heard. This section includes three parts:
A. 30 a short conversation and then answer one question for each conversation.
B. 3 to 4 longer conversations and answer a few questions for several of each.
C. To 4 for talks and lectures, each about one minute and then answer several questions.

Syntax and expressions to write:
Time: 25 minutes.
Form of test: 40 questions
Multi test: complement sentences and the ability to identify errors in sentences again.

Reading with understanding:
Time: 55 minutes.
Form of test: 50 questions about 5-6 pieces to read.
Multi test: understanding English when read

Writing test in English:
Time: 30 minutes.
Test: write an article on a particular topic set by you the question.
Subject of the test: the ability to write in English


The operation of one of the courses for TOEFL test online
What you will need is a daemon Tolz to download it here
Lessons are 7 files in ISO
1.Barrons toefl Prepare Programme
2.Cambridge Preparation for The toefl Programme iso
3.Kaplan toefl iBT Programme iso
4.Longman Programme iso
5.The Official Guide toefl Programme iso
6.Thomsons toefl Programme iso
7.TOEFL Mastery Programme

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