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Ubuntu 12.04 Final

Posted by Info Hot On Kamis, 03 Mei 2012 0 komentar

1- Will not need protection program in Linux Kalondoz
Lightness and agility, as an example the testimony of everyone if you have 512 MB RAM if you were working on the 4 GB Alliopnto inside, and the reason is disk or switch Alswab - Swap -
The Phoenix
2 - additions that make the best distro of Ubuntu and Windows
Linux is available all the necessary programs it, such as Java and video players and audio, as well as browsers, software and everything we will look for him

What distinguishes Alaopinto for the rest, he does not need definitions to any thing it was, picture and sound system and everything will be recognized automatically without any intervention from you

1 - CD blank area of ​​700 MB for installation on your desktop or laptop with an Intel Standard or AMD
2 - off of the boot, not from within windows, so we need to have to boot from BIOS "First Boot" option on the CD-ROM
3 - The device has at least 256 MB of RAM or whatever, and preferably be 512 MB

Important Note:
Important Note:
Do not wipe the Microsoft Windows Elly Alliopnto because you have no running games
It scans the Windows, but this system is easy to deal on the Internet
Because he can never never enter any virus to your computer
This is because it does not have gaps as in the Windows operating systems
I hope you will be my words Vhmtwa

Theme has become more flexible and more integrated with the programs


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