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Dr.Web LiveCD 6.0.0

Posted by Info Hot On Jumat, 20 April 2012 0 komentar

This new product and free Dr.Web LiveCD his job is to eliminate viruses and spyware by stomping
For example, you are downloading programs and files from the net and suddenly hit the computer virus, or delaying the performance of your computer broke down and many jobs
Here comes the role of Dr.Web LiveCD restart the computer and make off of CD and you will see the System Protection Static Options
Take-off entry in the development of the sword, or Maude in the default mode and other things about the RAM select the appropriate and beautiful in which he will
You examine the entire body and helps you to copy your important files out of the computer on, Sir, or on the USB disk or on any
Detachable .. And then tries to eliminate spyware and viruses .. CD is an ISO copy that you can you copy to Mr.
Rum by Nero or by any program convert ISO with Dr.Web LiveCD will actually have one of the most powerful protection programs
Free and best for Windows and Linux

Emergency System Recovery Disk
If your Windows or Linux system has been rendered non-bootable by malware, restore it for FREE with Dr.Web LiveCD!
Dr.Web LiveCD will clean your computer of infected and suspicious files, help you copy important information to a removable data storage device or another computer, and then attempt to cure infected objects

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